Grown by Patients, for Patients

We started growing for medical cannabis patients in Colorado in 2009. Growing for our patients is not just a passion, it’s a responsibility. For our patients, having access to quality, consistent cannabis is a lifeline. Which is why we strive to be the most dependable grower we can be.

What does dependability mean to us? It means getting the same effects from the same strain, no matter which dispensary sells it. It means keeping our dispensary partners stocked with the products their patients require. It means testing every batch of cannabis for purity and potency to ensure our patients’ safety. It means holding ourselves to the highest standard, even when nobody's watching.

For over a decade, this has been the key to our success. And along the way, we have collected some of the finest medicinal genetics from around the world: from landrace indica and sativa strains, to the classics from back in the day, to the most famous hybrids of the past 20 years. All of our flower is grown indoors, under carefully controlled and highly sanitary conditions.

Our facilities are built in strict adherence to state laws, and we only partner with compliant licensed dispensaries. chizle is available exclusively in Oklahoma and Ohio.