Sunset Sherbet

Hailing from San Francisco, this strain features balanced fruity aroma with subtle skunky undertones. Recommended for experienced patients looking for a potent indica effect.

Race Fuel OG

Our strongest diesel strain, look for notes of citrus and pine. A good choice for experienced and new patients alike, this strain delivers a well-balanced hybrid effect.

Pineapple Trainwreck

With citrus notes from its mother, and spicy undertones from its father, Pineapple Trainwreck is the perfect child of two all-star parents. This is a great choice for patients looking for a subtler sativa experience.

Cookies and Cream

Winner of the 2014 Cannabis Cup, Cookies and Cream has the aroma of an herbal confection, and delivers a powerful but balanced hybrid effect.

Blueberry Headband

Bred from legendary Californian genetics, Blueberry Headband features a complex aroma of berries, pine and citrus, and delivers a balanced hybrid effect.

Banana Kush

This patient favorite from California opens with a sweet, fruity bouquet, and delivers a perfectly balanced indica-dominant hybrid effect.

Tangie Power

The perfect combination of sharp citrus and spicy herbs, Tangie Power’s aroma brings to mind a warm citrus chai, and delivers a balanced sativa-leaning hybrid effect.

Sample of Passion Fruit cannabis strain - dried flower

Passion Fruit

This Dutch favorite features a boldly fruity aroma and sticky resinous buds. This may be a good choice for patients looking for a mellow sativa effect.

Sample of White 99 cannabis strain - dried flower

White 99

With an earthy citrus aroma, White 99 consistently delivers powerful sativa effects. Recommended for experienced patients only.

Sample of Jack Flash cannabis strain - dried flower

Jack Flash

A modern classic from Europe, Jack Flash has a pungent gassy aroma with earthy hints of citrus and delivers strong Sativa effects.