Few strains have won as many awards as this classic, known both for its diesel smell and its incredible sticky buds. Expect potent indica effects. Recommended for intermediate to experienced patients.


As the name suggests, Skunkberry gives off a pungent skunk smell, offset by a strong hint of blueberries. With strong indica effect, this strain is recommended for experienced patients only.

San Fernando Valley OG

A classic OG cut, this earthy strain features a sweet piney smell with diesel undertones. This potent strain provides powerful indica effects.

Sample of Afghani cannabis strain - dried flower


Prized by the hashish makers of the Hindu Kush, and the highlight of the Hippie Trail, Afghani’s distinctively herbal, earthy smell produces the very definition of a robust indica effect.

Sample of Blue Dream cannabis strain - dried flower

Blue Dream

One of the most famous Californian strains, Blue Dream gives a hint of berries and flowers, and produces a balanced effect similar to a sativa.

Sample of Durban Poison cannabis strain - dried flower

Durban poison

This classic South African landrace has a distinctly spicy bouquet, with a strong, fast-acting sativa effect.