Sample of Blue Dream cannabis strain - dried flower

Blue Dream

One of the most famous Californian strains, Blue Dream gives a hint of berries and flowers, and produces a balanced effect similar to a sativa.


A chizle-creation, MAX boasts a complex sour citrus taste, with the slightest hint of peppermint. Expect a mellow sativa effect.

Sample of Wingsuit cannabis strain - dried flower


A chizle-creation, Wingsuit brings to mind the scent of a citrus forest, and provides a strong sativa effect. Recommended for experienced patients.

Sample of White 99 cannabis strain - dried flower

White 99

With an earthy citrus aroma, White 99 consistently delivers powerful sativa effects. Recommended for experienced patients only.

Sample of AP Chem cannabis strain - dried flower

AP Chem

A chizle creation, AP Chem has a unique citrus diesel aroma, and delivers balanced though strong sativa effects.